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You should be training.

You should be training

In "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" professor Lupin is training Harry on how to fight a dementor. Just like Harry, you should be training to tackle your fears. Here are 3 take aways from this clip.

1. You should be training: when you aren't in sales mode, you should be training. Whether it is role-playing or prospecting, you should be sharpening your sales skills as a realtor. When you train, you put your mind in a state that it will be prepared to handle objections, clients questions, other realtors, and unplanned situations.

2. You need a mentor: Having a more experienced agent bringing you up and helping you grow is the perfect way for you to become better, faster. Learning different techniques and strategies to grow your business and even the skill of the mentor. You learn from teaching others and it helps grow your skillset.

3. You should learn to face your fear: it would have been easier for Harry to just try and avoid the dementor but he chose to face his challenge head-on. Whether it's cold calling on getting on video, we need to look at what we are afraid of and lean on it. Fear is where we get the most of our growth.

In the end we all have monsters to face. Whether it's our past or our boss. The thing we need to do is start training and conquering the things that make us afraid.

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