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How to Stop Working All the Time

Smartphones have made us more connected as ever. With us being so connected our clients can always call us or text us. We can receive emails from our boss or get a Japanese firm call you at 1 am to fix a problem now.

We have lost our ability to set boundaries. We are the loneliest we've ever been but we can have a million friends on social.

Here are some tips on how you can limit your smartphone use and grow boundaries with your work.

  1. Shut your phone off: seriously, just shut it off. Put it in a drawer when you get home and don't even think about it. Enjoy life. Your work emails will be there in the morning.

  2. Set a reminder to mentally clock out: we still like to use our phones for fun but if we see notifications about work we should just handle it during work hours.

We need to learn how to set boundaries and be professional. Work will always be there. Your mental health and family time is much more important.


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