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How to make flying easy

I have been flying since I was a young man. Most of the time I fly alone. I am pretty much an airport master. Here are my 5 tips to make your next trip to the airport a breeze.

1. Don't bring any toiletries: Now I know what you are thinking, "Irving, how will I brush my teeth or wash my hair?" With the rules of TSA changing constantly you never know what is ok to bring on an airplane and what isn't. To be safe, just don't bring any of it. Most places you will go to will have everything you need and in travel sizes. Just make a quick trip to the local convenience store and get everything you need for your stay. When you are done, just dispose of it or recycle it.

2. Get TSA precheck: If you want to get through security with the least amount of hassle, you have to get precheck. It is good for 5 years and if you are a frequent flyer like me, it will save tons of time. What are you going to do with all this extra time? Check out all the crazy stores inside airports. Why is there a Brooks bros. here? Who is buying a suit in the airport? The most important part about precheck is that it gets you away from the people who have never flown and brought the largest bottle of shampoo, a vape pen, and 3 knives to security.

3. Bring a book: I am a huge fan of reading and I believe everyone should read more. The airport is the perfect place since people will leave you alone and not all airports have a great signal or WIFI. Currently, I am reading "Fire and Blood" by George R.R. Martin. You don't have to worry about charging your book and if you like to sleep on planes (makes the ride "faster") you don't have to worry about the blue light from your phone keeping you up.

4. Dress to impress: If you want to get to first class (and we all want to be in first class) a gate agent will be more likely to bump you up to first class (for free I might add) if you look like you belong. If you like wearing pajamas and crocs to the airport, then you will have to use that charming personality to get the free drinks and comfy seats in first class. I like to throw on a nice button up with a pair of slacks and my favorite wingtips shoes.

5. Travel Light: I always travel with a backpack. It is light and easy and you don't have to wait at the carousel for your bags ( if the airline didn't lose your bags or send them to guam). Once you get out of your plane, you can go ahead and go straight to your hotel. I sometimes bring a duffel also (you can have a backpack and a carry on with most airlines) when I have to be at a location for more than a week. Some airlines charge 25$ per checked bag and this tip saves time and money.

You should try and travel as much as possible. Life is short and the Earth is a giant magical place. With these tips, your travels will be easy, convenient, and restful.


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