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How to get control of your finances!

it's 2019 and 88% of college seniors have credit card debt. Not just student loans but actual credit card debt. Americans owe 1 trillion dollars in debt. As a society we are not taught how to handle our finances anymore. In this guide, we will walk through the process of how to get a handle on your finances.

1. Write down your assets and your liabilities - if you have said " I don't know where it all goes," then you need to sit down and write out where you money goes. An asset is anything that is putting money in your pocket. Stocks, jobs, stuff you can sell. Liabilities are anything that takes money out of your pocket. This is your bills, food, clothes, shoes.

You need to have more assets than liabilities. If you can't get assets, time to cut on your liabilities. This may mean cutting out Netflix, moving in with mom, getting a second job. Make sure you cash flow is always in the positive.

2. Pick a plan- Once you know where all your money is going, get yourself a plan. It doesn't matter of its Dave Ramsey, Jim Rohm, Robert Kyosaki, or whatever you can find on Google. Just pick a plan and stick with it. I personally like the financial plan by Dave Ramsey but just see a plan all the way through.

3. Set a goal- pick a goal when it comes to your money and stick with it. Whether it's keeping a 1000 in savings or investing 10k into stocks in 3 years. Write out some financial goals to go with your plan.

There is nothing the helps eleviate stress more than having your finances in order. It doesn't matter if you work at starbucks or a hedge fund, you can have your money in disarray and cause you massive stress. Get your money right and see how your life starts to get better.

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