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Growing with Brand Identity

You know what you offer, but does the public know? Grow visibility by brand identity.

Branding and identity are all around us on Web sites and product packaging on different types of advertising, even on personal items like documents and business cards. Branding is what other people think about you, your company, your product, or your service. Visual identity is what that brand looks like from your logo to your color choices.

You can apply the concept of identity to almost any type of project, big or small, whether you're updating your resumé or looking for ways to enhance your Web site. There are lots of benefits to having a consistent visual style. Some companies use an actual style guide to keep their brand looking consistent.

The main components of visual identity are logo, colors, typography, and images.

A logo is what identifies your brand using a particular mark type design or both. The most effective logos tend to be fairly simple, something viewers will recognize and remember. Every element of your logo contributes to your brand identity, including your font choice colors and other imagery. Change even one of these elements, and it can have a big impact on the way your brand is perceived in practice. Logos are everywhere. Look closely and you'll find them in corporate settings as well as out and about, representing small businesses, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs.

Color helps define your brand in a very powerful way. Not only does it make a strong impression on the viewer, but it also creates a sense of unity when used across multiple projects or platforms. Most brands derive their main colors directly from the company logo. Additional colors can help you expand the main palette and further define your brand's personality and style.

Text is one of the simpler aspects of identity, but it can be surprisingly expressive. All it takes is a different font, and you can subtly change the entire look of your brand. Most brands choose two to three fonts, often inspired by the logo for basic everyday use. Creative fonts should also be chosen with care and should be a reflection of your unique visual identity. Your font choice should complement your brand but still be current and professional.

Images are a huge part of building a unique identity. Every photo, graphic, icon, and button is a chance to showcase your brand and shape the way that it's perceived in professional settings. Images are usually created specifically for the brand. For instance. Avoid images that feel generic or obviously staged. This is difficult if you're relying on third-party stock, but there are ways to set your brand apart, avoid images that lack context or appear frequently in other brands designs. Instead, choose images that seem genuine and feature authentic people, places, and things.

Visual identity isn't just a marketing tool. It's a way of looking at design that removes a lot of the guesswork with a clear vision of your brand. You know exactly what colors, fonts, and images to use. You can create consistent works that viewers will remember.

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