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Cut the Clutter: What Goes on a Business Card?

You never know where your next potential client could be. You need something handy that advertises your company and your services.

It may be a random conversation in a bar or on the bus where you need to pull one out. You need these potential clients to know you're serious.

A well-designed business card does that, and despite today's digital world, cards should still be included in your marketing budget.

What goes on a business card? Continue reading to find out how to design the most effective cards to increase your leads.

Who You Are

The most important aspect of how to design a business card is to advertise yourself to a potential client or customer.

If you're a business owner, you want to display the humanity behind your business.

If you work for a large firm, you want to drive sales for your company. If you work in a commission-based position, you want to make sure the potential client or customer deals directly with you.

When designing a business card, your name and contact information are most important. You need people to know who you are and how to reach you. Include your full name, office phone number, and professional email.

Other contact information you can include are cell phone numbers and social media handles. Should you be an owner/proprietor of a small business, social media is a proven marketing tool. Your card should invite new customers to your accounts.

The Logo

You don't have a lot of space when you design your own business cards. The standard card is 3.5"x2." This leaves you a small canvas to work with and you have to make important choices as to what you'll include.

Aside from your name and contact information, you have to include your company logo. A logo displayed on a card advertises your company. A logo also draws the potential customer's eye.

If your business doesn't have a logo, make sure to design one or hire a firm for design. A great logo design is an important way to set your business apart from your competition.

What You Do

Are you a sales representative for a wine and spirits company? Do you sell car insurance? Do you run a coffee bean roasting company?

Custom design business cards have to include what you do. Whether it's a simple explanation of what service your small business offers or your current position in a larger company, people need to know what you do.

Knowing what you do gives them a reason to contact you.

What Goes on a Business Card?

What goes on a business card? It's best to keep it simple. A business card cluttered with too much information buries what's important. Include your name, contact information, company logo, and what you do.

These are the things potential clients or customers need to know.

After you determine what to convey on your card, you can begin to play with other aspects like color and texture that will make your business card pop.

If you need an expert to help with your business design, make sure to book a private consultation with me.


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