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Being a Graphic Designer in Crestview, Fl

The Emerald Coast in Florida has the best beaches on Earth. The sugar-white sands and the emerald water makes this a perfect destination when you need a weekend to relax. Living here makes it nice for the scenery and weather.

As a graphic designer, working locally can sometimes be difficult. Many new business owners have trouble finding who they are and how to handle how much to charge, who your customer is, and why you are in business. With the knowledge, I gained from Full Sail, helps me navigate these troubled waters and help these businesses create beautiful brands to help them take their businesses to the next level.

Crestview is about 45 minutes from the beach and is a small community. It is a relatively young town as it was founded in 1916. It is a major military town with 4 military bases in less than 100 miles. The largest one being Eglin Air Force base. I served at the 96th Test Wing from 2008-2012 at Eglin AFB. After my service, I stayed here and started building my life and family here.

Historic downtown Crestview.

This area of Florida is filled with opportunity. Fort Walton Beach, FL has the second largest Chamber of Commerce in Florida. Crestview is an up-and-coming town with a major influx of people moving here. Everywhere you look new homes and neighborhoods are being built.

I love that I can sit at Casbah Coffee Co. and do my work while drinking coffee that was freshly roasted. I enjoy eating at the Wild Olive for lunch or taking my wife out on a date. The town is small and all the business owners know each other. You can even talk to Joey the jeweler if you want a special piece made for a gift.

The number one thing I love about being a designer and small business owner is the freedom I have. As long as I have my laptop, I can work anywhere. I get to take my kids to Atlas Martial Arts and watch them grow in their skills. I can take my girls to sell Girl Scout cookies at a local business and get to know everyone that lives in my town. I can listen to the problems local business owners have and see how others have solved that problem. I Can chime in and use my expertise in design to give a broader view of how small things can make a big difference.

Like any small town, there are bad things about living here but for the most part, I enjoy it. We didn't shut down our local economy in 2020 and we are continuing to push forward and thriving amid the pandemic. Crestview has a bright future and I am happy to continue to live here and grown in my local community.

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