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5 Tools to help grow your digital business.

In today's digital landscape, it is now easier than ever to make money. I have now been in business 4 months and I am not looking back. I have taken an idea and materialized a business. Here are some tools that I use that will help you grow your business:

1. Quickbooks- This software allows you to keep track of the money. As a person who leans more to the disorganized side, the software helps me make sure I have more money coming in than going out. The self-employed version is only 5-10$ and will ensure you don't have a high burn rate. I am not good at keeping track of receipts or my mileage, so this software is a must have for young businesses.

2. Hubspot- This software will help keep track of your customers and your interactions with them. This customer relationship manager (or CRM) tells you when a client sees your email, when was the last time you talked to them, and whether or not they clicked a link you sent. I like to see every conversation I have had with a client and what was said, all in one screen. Instead of sifting through a bunch of email, you will get to see everything on one screen. The paid version allow for automation of emails, chatbots, and certain logic machines.

3.Google my business- This app from google, allows google to know you exist. The spiders (their term not mine) scour your page and help rank it in your local area. If you want to dominate your local market, you need to start leveraging this app. I have been getting 10x more visitors to my site since I started getting serious about posting in GMB. This also allows for you to pop up in Google Maps. You can chat with customers, reply to reviews, set-up services, and control what google knows about your business.

4. Youtube- This shouldn't be a surprise to you but having a youtube account and posting videos, is HUGE! I highly suggest thinking of creative ways you can leverage the power of YouTube to get you new customers, brand ambassadors, and grow your tribe. I have been vlogging and I can see a lot of growth in my editing skills and my content is getting better. If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, try and get someone else to do it for you or maybe even make your business into a tv show. We all have one co-worker that is crazy and people would love to watch them.

5. Upwork- This website is where I hire freelancers to handle things that I am not proficient in. I can only know so much and I would rather pool someone who is an expert and pay them. I know design and I can be an expert in that but I am not a Tik Tok expert, so I will hire someone for that. Check out the link and hire someone to help you in your weak points.

Check out the links I provided and I hope they help you grow your business. If you are wanting a consultation click here.


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