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3 Simple Steps to Choosing a Logo Design for Your Business

Are you looking for a logo to represent your new real estate business? Or are you wanting to revamp your existing logo?

Everyone knows that a logo can make or break a company. Every company, from startups to large brokers have a small symbol that shows consumers who they are.

This logo design can show what the company sells, who they are as a business, or where they started. A small design can go a long way in the minds of customers.

But, that doesn't mean they have to be scary to choose!

What Makes a Good Logo?

A good logo also needs to stick with people. It needs to be something they recognize and remember, even years later.

1. Brainstorm Your Business Values

To figure out where to start, you need to think about the main values of your company. This is especially important for real estate companies because this will help you decide what types of homes you're selling and to who.

  • Is this a family business?

  • What product are you selling?

  • How do you want to change your customer's lives?

This helps you determine what images and designs will best represent who your company is. These should be things that you want your customers to think of when they see your logo.

2. Think of Your Target Customer

To make sure the right people are seeing your logo, you need to think about your target customer. These are the people you want your product or service to appeal to.

If your demographic is a young working-class audience, think about that in the design. There are a few questions to think about in this step:

  • Will this group like these design elements?

  • Can this group relate to the ideas and designs presented in the logo?

  • Are there any additional groups this design could appeal to?

Thinking about your audience will give you ideas of what style of logo design to use. Be sure to think about the types of homes you normally sign and who will buy them. Do these homes have a certain style or neighborhood or demographic?

3. Keep It Clean and Memorable

If you have a logo that's too busy, it's hard for people to see it right away. This is important if you advertise on buses, billboards, and benches. You want to make sure your logo is clean and streamlined so it can be easily recognized.

One great design aspect to use to your advantage is white space. Designs that utilize white space effectively sometimes invert the words or image in the logo. Or, they have lots of "buffer" room around the design to highlight the logo.

Ready to Find the Best Logo Design For You?

If you're the logo designer, remember that choosing a logo design that represents your business should be a fun and creative process! The logo that works best for your company will be one that shows all aspects of your company.

Though you may be lost when creating a logo design, there are groups out there that want to help you! Irving Gil Designs has graphic designers on staff that can craft a beautiful logo for you.

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