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We are living in an age of social media and there is so much information out there about how to do it right and how to do it wrong. We see accounts out there of people posting spammy content or just being fake in general. We have put so much focus on selling and getting like that we forgot about the true focus of this technology, to be SOCIAL. In this blog I will go over my strategy on being engaging on social media and how it will help you grow, get more leads, and feel better about your account.

We have been creating content and looking at likes and shares but we aren't being engaging. I know plenty of people that are creating but not getting the results they want to get. The reason is simple, they are not being social. Imagine if you went to a party and everyone was just shouting about "How To Grow on Instagram" or "Best Crockpot Recipes." The people you would gravitate towards would be those that are actually having conversations with people and actually being engaging. This is how the technology was meant to be used.

This is the strategy that I use and it has allowed my account to grow. The $1.80 strategy works and will get you a real tribe. Here is the strategy:

1. Research 10 hashtags or cities where you want to grow your influence- I keep this list written on my phone under notes. It allows you to quickly copy/paste the hashtags and see where you plan on growing. In LinkedIn you can also search for content by industry. If you are trying to attract real estate agents, then under the content tab you can click on industry and click on real estate and then you can search by city. By doing this you can keep your interactions focused and you can become a well known person in those circles.

2. Write something of substance on the top 9 post in that given hashtag/city: What I do is write about a paragraph on each post. If I am going to drop a critique on a piece of design I use the "Rise Model of Feedback." It takes longer but it tells the person that I actually care and it gives them value. DO NOT just write "nice picture" or "follow my page." This gives no value and you come across as a spam bot. You want engagement on your post, so write something that you would like to see on someone else's post.

3. Write something of substance on a comment in the post: This is where I add to what Gary Vaynerchuck has created. I find a comment in the body of the content and I comment on the comment. So if Becky89 says "I love how the furniture helps with the flow of the room," I would write on that comment on what I think about what she said. You get 2 engagements for the price of one. Now you will get both the writer of content and one of their followers. YOu can find all sorts of people using this method.

4. Comment on all your comments: If you only have 180 followers and they are leaving you 4 comments on your post, you need to make sure you comment on every one of their comments. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. No exceptions. until the day you start getting hundreds of comments, you have to do this. Make your community feel like they matter to you and they will reciprocate their love for you.

This method is labor intensive but it will get you real followers that care about your content and will be engaging. That is far more valuable than having 100k followers but your post only get 10 comments and likes. It is better to have 500 followers and 50 comments then to have 100k and 10 comments. By being social, you will grow your network and become an industry leader in your field. You can leverage your community to help people get work and even get more sales. Try and ask as little from your community as possible. Try and be the sun and they are the planets that orbit you. Shed your light and keep them close, they will be there when you need them.

Thank you for your time.

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