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There are an infinite number of customers out in the world (there may be 7 billion people on earth but you will not reach out to everyone) and with that an infinite number of opportunities. You may be a real estate agent or the owner of a local bakery, but the design choices you make all have an impact on who shows up to give you their money. So how do you know whether or not you are making the right choices? In this article, I will detail a way to ensure that your business attracts the correct customer.

1: Create a persona- One of the most important things a business owner will have to do is create a buyer persona. Why is this important? Because this allows you to create a filter where you put all the decisions through to see what makes sense. A persona is merely a person that is your ideal client. Hubspot has a great tool that will make this step easy without the use of a designer. If you want to delve deeper into this you can book a session with a designer, like me, to spend the time to create a person with a sense of depth, you will feel you know them in real life. You will craft a brand around the concepts that will attract this person (even though they are fake). The Futur made a great video to help with this point.

So, why take time out of your important day to do this? You are important and your time is important. Because of this fact, you should take the time to create a persona to save you time (and money) in the future. If you want to attract a francophile, you aren't going to have an industrial feel in your restaurant. If you want to attract real-estate investors, you aren't going to run ads at your local elementary school. Creating a persona will take time but it also saves time and money because it filters your strategy and decisions through a filter, that makes sense for attracting a 38-year-old, college educated, Boston Red Sox fan, that lives in Boulder but hates hockey. With the power of social media and their data collection abilities, you get to tailor your brand to a specific person and have a more impactful business model.

2: Building perceived value- Design can take an item that is worth $20 and make it worth $50. We can see in this example by Payless, that presentation can increase the perceived value of a product or service. While you don't want to make anyone feel swindled by having really nice packaging on your snake oil, you do want to have your product be properly packaged so that you can get the appropriate price per item. How would you feel holding a $200 of vodka that is in a plastic container? Put that same Vodka in a handmade glass bottle that was crafted by a master glass blower, and you can justify charging $200.

Story also adds value. If I told you how I was one of those kids you saw looking for food in trash heaps on a commercial and how moving to America changed my life, my story may compel you to add value to my brand. How a scrappy kid from the 3rd world beat the odds and became a success is a better story than a kid grew up and played it safe his whole life and is now here. We as a human race love stories. Bobby Lehew has a great article and podcast where he teaches techniques on using storytelling to not only make sales but build a better brand.

3: Creating Unity- Unless you plan on having Russian Deconstruction be your theme, you are going to need to build unity. From your website to the yard signs you use, everything has to have a sense of harmony so that clients know something is from you. Go to any country in the world, I bet you if you can't read their language or speak it, you can get a coca-cola. Why is this? Because they have a brand and stuck to it. The letters and the bright red color, you can find Coke products very easily. They brand their fridges, trucks, uniforms, billboards, ad campaigns. Everything is unified and on brand. If you as a real-estate agent, had a color palette and stuck with it (from billboards, business cards, and maybe even your clothes) everyone in your community will know that house is being sold by "so and so." "You can tell by the cobalt blue for sale sign". You don't want to have your website being one thing and your business card be another. Double down on brand and you will win.

Unity will also help with authenticity. People will know what they are going to get because of the brand you have create. I will create a sense of cohesion and not one of confusion. Confusion will lead to uncomfort which leads to lost sales. Build on brand and even on hard times you will win.

This guide is the foundation to making your life easy. You are a business owner and have other things to worry about. Follow it and alot of your decisions will be made. If you want to schedule a meeting where we can discuss diagnosing your brand, schedule a 30 minute meeting with me and we can discuss how we can build your brand, together.


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