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Do you need a designer?

So you started a business. Congratulations! If no one else tells you this, I am proud of you. The road is about to be fun and challenging. You have your dream business that you want to build but how are you going to get there? What team will you need to create in order to get to the big goal that you wrote down? Will you need a designer?

As a designer, I will be truthful to you. The answer is no (at least in the beginning). You are a business owner and you need to get to work. Whatever you have to do to forward your hustle, do it. In the beginning you need to be as lean as possible and hiring a designer is going to cost you time and money. Sure, you could go on sites like 99designs or Fivver but those will be ok logos that you will like. The questions is, will what YOU like be effective at attracting your target audience? I am going to show 3 things to help you get the right customer without hiring a designer.

1. Learn what a logo is: A logo is the face of your company. in the beginning you won't need anything more than a word mark. Check out this video to learn about the different types of logos. You have more important things to think about than ligatures and white space. For now, Just choose a font that will work to give the feeling you want to get from your clients.

a.Sans Serif- A fancy way of saying without serif. A serif is a decoration at the end of letters (see the figure above). If your business is "clean, modern, stable" then this is the font family for you. One of my favorites in this font is Futura. It has great legibility and clean sharp lines.

b. Serif- This is an older type family and adds small details to enhance the letter shapes. This gives the sense of tradition, respectable, reliable, and comfort.

c. Script- In this font family, you have loose lines with variable line weights. Think Dumbledore writing with a feather and an inkwell. While you can download a script font, these need a little more work since the kerning will need to be played with. You might want to hire an artist like @stefankunz but then that would defeat the purpose of not needing a designer.

2.Color schemes: Google "color schemes" and pick one to use in everything. Think about what your customer will be attracted to not just what you like. Pick a palette and use it in everything from your sandwich board to the uniforms your employees use. This cohesiveness will allow a feeling of unity throughout your brand. If your customer sees you on social media, they should recognize your brand through the colors that they have already experienced. See the table below to understand what colors signify.

3. Relax- Focus on your business and double down on what is successful. You can try and figure out a social media plan or a commercial but at the end of the day, you customers will keep coming back if you have a great service, fantastic customer experience, and focus on attracting customers that want to work with you. There will be a million other things running through your mind and focusing on your logo is not going to help things. Focus on what your brand IS and then hire a designer when it is time to scale and you need the creative to get you there.


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