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Level Up Coaching: Elevating a brand to High-end.

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  • Logo Design

  • Identity Design

  • Ideal Customer

  • Brand Strategy

The mission

The Process

To create an identity for the business. The identity will bring clarity to the high-end brand. This Identity will also create a guide to be used in all areas of the business.

Discovery is a process through which a series of questions are answered in order to diagnose problems. The same thing a doctor would do for his patient. This creates an environment of trust and openness. This phase allows the agency to have all the information it needs to solve problems.

Through discovery, I discovered that Chris needed more than a logo. The logo is the face of a company but the brand needed to support the logo. By providing a complete solution, Chris now has a brand strategy that will appeal to his ideal client and bring in more revenue and increase client size.

By gathering this information I get to learn a few things:

  1. Study your business.

  2. Study your competition

This information teaches:

  1. Who is the consumer?

  2. How do they live?

  3. What do they aspire to be?

signature logo
signature logo



"Irving gets to the root of what you need in order to get you the exact result you need." - Chris Spaulding

Level up coaching and consulting logo2-0

Clear Space

Clear space is the area surrounding the global signature and icon that must be kept free of any elements, including text, graphics, other logos, or borders. The minimum clear space for the preferred global signature is equal to "x", or the height and widht of the Level Up Coaching Icon.

The Impact

The complete brand identity is everything the company does, shows, or creates.  By creating an identity guide, Chris has a focus on his sales process, customer service, and marketing. The guide allows for a streamlining of answering questions for the user. Through this process, Chris gained a confidence in his brand.

By creating this, streamlining allows the user to have more bandwidth to use on other areas of the business. At any time, the guide can be given to a designer and they know exactly what the aesthetic is for the business or the tone of voice for a copywriter.

Final Logo

Level up coaching and consulting logo2-0
Chris spaulding


In a sea of designers, Irving Gil Designs stands out amongst the crowd. Irving’s focus on helping the client execute their vision is key to his delivery of a quality product. He takes the time to make sure he knows exactly what you want and also helps you map out your ideas if need be. Irving helped me take my original concept and bring it to life. If you are looking for high-quality graphic design as well as someone that wants to genuinely see your ideas become a reality, look no further!


-Chris Spaulding Level Up Coaching

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