Logofolio 2020

This is the culmination of a year of work. Logo design is something that should be taken very seriously.


A logo is the face of a business. The shapes and lines that create a logo, can attract your perfect client or make them go away. Through my proven process, these logos match up with the brand they are associated with. 

100 % satisfaction with my logo designs. Together, we walk through ideas and create something that makes a business more whole.

For more examples of my work check out my Behance.

Irving Gil

Logo Design Process

1. Gather Phase- I gather information about you, your business, and your ideal customer. I get a sense of your art style and how it matches up with your business.


2. Research Phase- I take all the information from the "Gather Phase" and I create a customer profile to target all design decisions towards a profile. I dig through books and online sources to create a stylescape.


3. Ideation Phase- You and I sit down and look at the information and we create a road map of where you want to go and the targets that you want to be hit. Nothing is a surprise and you (the client) are involved the entire time.


4. Creation phase- This is the shortest phase. I create the logo and format it in all formats needed. Deliver the product and you have everything you need to use your new beautiful logo.

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