We Help veteran-owned busnesses build a mission plan to reach their goals.

Lift the fog of war in your brain and start taking your business from surviving to thriving. With a solid strategy in place you can have:

  • Clear communications

  • A defined mission

  • A defined audience

  • Metrics to measure succes.

It starts  with a short 15 minute call.





Do you struggle with?
  • Reaching the right customers

  • Developing a solid business

  • Creating a marketing strategy

  • creating content that resonates with an audience

  • Meeting your goals

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Waving in Headphones
Business Plan
Route Planning
Jumping Off the Plane

1. Call us

Schedule your 15 minute call see if we are a right fit for each other.

2. Attend a workshop

No one knows your business better than you. By sitting down and answering some questions, we can craft a mission plan that will get you to where you want to be.

3. Create a plan

We will craft a plan together and get your business closer to meeting its goals, aligning with your customers, having a clear marketing strategy, and you feeling proud of the business you have built.

4. grow your business

Execute the plan and adjust as we get more information. By knowing your goals, course of actions (COA), and targets you can move with ease and confidence.


I'll help you see the future.

In the military, we leave little to chance. Applying mission planning principles to our businesses increases our chances of success.

My name is Irving Gil and I am a disabled Air Force Veteran. I have an MFA in Media Design from Full Sail University and I am passionate about giving back to the military  veteran community.


I use the power of brand strategy to align business owners with their customers and create a road map to reach their goals.

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